SUMMITVIEW PI strives to become not only a financial advisor but also a strategic investor and an “Accelerator” that helps companies to grow.



Founded in 2012, SUMMITVIEW PI is a private multi-asset alternative investment firm that invests in various kinds of equity & assets.

SUMMITVIEW PI has two separate divisions. Our Stock Management Division invests in the Korean Stock Exchange Market, and the Equity Investment Division invests in fast-growing start-up companies.

We invest and create value through a long-term, technology-driven global strategy across number of industry sectors including information technology (IT), bio technology, chemical, healthcare & beauty, media contents & communication, renewable energy, life sciences, real estate, and education.

We invest in companies of various sizes depending on their growth potential. Our target investees include small start-ups of seed, Pre A~C round , pre-IPO stage companies and larger companies listed in the stock market.


Alternative Investment Firm

SUMMITVIEW PI is divided into two divisions, the Stock Management Division and the Equity Investment Division. The Stock Management Division invests in the Korean Stock Exchange Market and the Equity Investment Division invests in fast growing start-up companies and unlisted stocks including Pre-IPO stocks. From 2012, SUMMITVIEW PI has been focusing on the KOSPI & the KOSDAQ market and has made steady capital growth. As of 2016, our focus has shifted to the unlisted securities and we look for investment opportunities with greater growth potential.

Independent Capital

SUMMITVIEW PI is a principal investment company that manages its own capital. Due to the proprietary nature of the capital, we take a long-term view with our investment opportunities and do not limit our target investees to a certain size of the investment or a given rate of return Moreover, we are able to expedite our investment decisions.

Active Partner

SUMMITVIEW PI strives to become not only a financial advisor but also a strategic investor and an “Accelerator” that helps companies to grow. Specifically, we seek to become an advisor for the overall management of the companies at their early stages of growth by providing solutions to the companies for their financial, operational and strategic needs. Through continuous communication with the Chief Executives of the potential companies, our goal is to lead the companies in the right direction and unlock their success DNAs.



A bio diagnosis R&D company and adeveloper of NK VUE KIT that measures activities of immune cells


A producer of video contents including TV dramas and films / Total entertainment company


A Fintech P2P lending services company


A manufacturer of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) & the VRFB(Vanadium Redox Flow Battery) technology

Organic Bridge

An original development manufacturer(ODM) of organic cosmetics

ME Entertainment

Producer and distributor of web fiction contents that operates a web fiction channel


An online e-Commerce CBT(Cross Border Transaction) Logistics System

Ami Pharm

A global lipolysis injection company (biotechnology)

Beauty in App

A beauty on-demand(O2O) service platform company


A manufacturer of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic / Composite Solution Provider


A manufacturer of air purifier & a provider of ventilation technologies under the principle of typoon


A manufacturer of mobile touch screen panel / SUMMITVIEW PI invested in MOREENS in 2008 and MOREENS was listed on the KOSDAQ in 2009

“The portfolio above include personal investment of Sunghyun Kim, SUMMITVIEW PI’s CEO, as an angel investor and investment by “The Turning Point,” an investment company of which Sunghyun Kim is a partner and a director. “



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